27 Feb 2016

Matplotlib: beautiful plots with style

Using styles and fonts to make matplotlib plots look great.

03 Feb 2016

Automating development environment set-up with Direnv

Automatically setting up a development environment when changing into a project directory

16 Jan 2016

A menu launcher for i3 - Snapfly

Setting up Snapfly, a menu launcher with the i3 window manager

07 Aug 2015

Writing and highlighting source code in reStructured Text (RST)

Marking-up and highlighting source code in RST with Docutils and Pygments.

07 Aug 2014

Thoughts on eight years of Ubuntu and open source

Eight years working on Ubuntu and open source.

19 Jul 2014

Upgrading to Pelican 3.4

How I upgrade my Pelican blog. This is for Pelican 3.4.

19 Apr 2014

Site search with Tipue for Pelican

Adding site search to your Pelican blog using the Tipue Javascript plugin.

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