Thanks for visiting Futurile. The site is a collection of articles and blog entries put together using Pelican a static site generator. There should be something for everyone on this site - well as long as you're either interested in technology, skiing or climbing!


To earn a crust I do a bunch of things in the technology industry. Spanning from business development through to engineering management. Some where in there I keep up my interests in creating amazing experiences for users that make them more productive.


I love skiing and try to go as often as someone living in London, UK possibly can. If I'm not skiing then I'm either climbing or thinking about it.

Recent Posts

08 Dec 2023

Advanced package transformations in manifests and Derivations introduction View Comments

Using with-git package transformations and Derivations introduction

07 Dec 2023

Package transformations in manifests View Comments

Modifying applications using manifests and package transformations

05 Dec 2023

Modifying Guix packages using package transformations View Comments

Creating package variants using just the command line tools

28 Nov 2023

Guix package rebuilds View Comments

An introduction to Guix packaging - rebuilding Guix packages

07 Nov 2023

Guix time travelling tricks View Comments

Guix time-travel tricks: install any version of a Guix package

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