About me

Me standing on skis at the top of a run at Val d'Isere

Off-piste in Val d'Isere

Hi - I'm Steve George. I live in London, UK. It's a great world city that you should come visit as soon as possible! I’m told Washington has better museums, that New York is faster, and I know Paris is lovelier and Rome is more romantic – but until you’ve had a full English breakfast, roamed the streets of Dickens and fought through the Tube, you haven’t lived.

Professionally, I started in Internet companies during the commercialisation boom ("the dot com boom"). In the last few years my focus has been software and Open Source. You can find out more about my professional career on Linkedin.

I started my career as technologist developing, deploying and administering systems. A lot of my personal time is still focused on technology and playing around with new areas. These days my professional time is focused on managing businesses and people. I’m generally interested in business, management and marketing. I’d love to talk to you about anything from Python to how government can encourage technology entrepreneurship.

Other things about me. Well, I like cats and pretzels; I’m not hot on noisy children. I’m easy going, as long as I get my own way. I’m not a morning person, I drink too much coffee and I should go to the gym more. If I play, I play to win – unless I’m losing, and then I don’t care. I’m resolute, determined and fixed about everything; but I always reserve the right to change my mind and reverse all over my previous thoughts, stamping them into the ground (hard) and denying that I ever had any contrary opinion. I’m forgetful, but I don’t mean to be. I like contradictions, but not always.

I love to ski, which is hard in a country without snow. If there’s a mountain around with soft stuff on it then I’m probably already half way up trying to get first tracks. And my favourite saying is, “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon”.

About this blog

Common sense says this blog should focus on one area, but my interests are too eclectic for that, and my time too short for more than one blog. And hey, it is my blog. You can be do the right thing on yours, and if you do please tell me!

I’m not a futurologist, so there won’t be that many Gibson quotes. But I am excited about technology, the Internet and how it’s impacted our lives. Oh alright, I do secretly believe Gibson’s quote “The future is already here. It’s just not very evenly distributed yet“. But then I’m an optimist about technology, a pessimist about politics and a realist about society.

So it’s Futurile, a mix of future and futile. I’ve read too much sci-fi, so you can think of the strap line as “The future is coming, ready or not”.

If you'd like to know more about the technical detail behind this site and the tools I use see the Colophon.

Getting in touch

I'd love to talk to you about any of the topics on the blog. There are a few ways you can get in touch:

  • Through the comments

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  • Send PGP email

    You can find an email address for me through PGP. My primary key is 0x682E675C. The finger print is: B605 940B BC4A 6CDE 6A08 E226 D529 A55A 682E 675C

    If you don't know how to use PGP then you can write your email through this form.

  • Reach me through twitter
    You can find me @Futurile. I'm not a frequent Twitter user, but will respond.


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One of the most important successes of the Internet has been the creation of a digital commons. It may be doubtful that information wants to be free, but what's certain is that we all benefit when there is a free flow of ideas, thought and opinions. We are all greater through sharing.

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