The aim for this site is to be simple, easy to read and easy to build. Great design for a web site puts the content first.

As you'd expect this site is created with Open Source software for the most part.

Sign saying - Nobody ever got fired for choosing Open Source

Choose Open Source, by Roo Reynolds

Web site

  • Hosting by Webfaction
    Hosting by developers. Works faultlessly and has great documentation.
  • Email by Runbox
    Secure off-shore and sustainable email services.
  • Domain hosting and DNS by EasyDNS
    Great registrar which is easy and powerful. They also have important privacy tools.
  • Site creation with Pelican
    Static site generation that is powerful and flexible.
  • CSS design by Mark Reid
    Mark's site is simple and readable for long and short-form content. I've diverged a bit from his CSS, probably not in a good way!
  • I'm using the Ubuntu font, provided by Google Fonts
    The Ubuntu font was desiged to be easy to read on screen all under a Free Software license.
  • Disqus : Disqus is an off-site community discussion service. There are real advantages to this system for commenter and those adminstering comments - not least that you can see all your discussions across many sites. In two minds about this, Isso looks like a good alternative.
  • Stats by xxx
    Some information here.

Tools I use

I've been using Linux since 1996 with various versions of *Nix along the way. At this point the philosophy behind those tools pretty much forms my computing mental model. Some of the most important are:

Sign saying - Nobody ever got fired for choosing Open Source

A philosophy for life, by Randall Munroe

  • Ubuntu
    Linux for Human beings - all the capability and flexibility of Linux, but well put together with sane defaults and a beautiful user experience. Of course!
  • Python, Virtualenv and Fabric
    Tools of the modern Python hacker I guess.
  • OpenSSH and tmux
    Tools of the old-fashioned CLI hacker, I guess. For tmux this book is great.
  • reStructuredText and Vim
    Unix is all about text, RST gives you some of the power of structured input. Mac users love TextMate, but there's only one true text editor and it's called Vim!
  • Bzr
    Version control is the tech equivalent of business people saying if you can't measure it you can't manage it. Bazaar is distributed version control for humans. See what I did there!