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14 May Transparently editing encrypting files with GnuPG and Vim


10 December Hibernation and delayed hibernation for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

30 August The state of open source in 2016

15 June XTerm colour set-up and Molokai theme

14 June XTerm introduction and TrueType fonts configuration

31 March Color maps in Matplotlib

19 March Vim surround plugin tutorial

14 March Partial colouring of text in Matplotlib with LaTeX

13 March Complex text formatting in Matplotlib using LaTeX

01 March Handling text in Matplotlib

27 February Matplotlib: beautiful plots with style

03 February Automating development environment set-up with Direnv

16 January A menu launcher for i3 - Snapfly


07 August Writing and highlighting source code in reStructured Text (RST)


07 August Thoughts on eight years of Ubuntu and open source

19 July Upgrading to Pelican 3.4

19 April Site search with Tipue for Pelican

02 April Schindelhauer Siegfried bike from Velorution

12 February Being a distributed organisation

02 February Climbing table mountain in South Africa


03 October Virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper for Python

30 June Running the Virgin London Marathon 2013

05 June More training for the London Marathon 2013

02 June Training for the London Marathon 2013

02 April Long Easter weekend


18 August ARMing your servers and the data centre


14 January Arkeia Network Backup for Ubuntu


26 April BBC builds collaborative future

22 March Apple iTunes DRM must interoperate say French

04 January blog FeedBlitz e-mail subscriptions